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Monday Mayhem – Passionate advocacy: A calling for change

Help me to invoke the wisdom of those who have come before me and the wisdom of those I am here to lead.

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When I started thinking about Passionate Advocacy and what that means two questions came to mind.

  1. Where can you bring more love to your life?

  2. What needs to be cleared away for you to do it?

I can often be found in church scribbling away when I am feeling extra inspired. The other day the woman preaching asked about our gifts. She said, “How do we receive the gifts of our talents? Do we push them away or embrace them?”

I remember discovering my talent for rebellion. I pushed and pulled on that gift like a 6 year olds loose tooth, simultaneously ignoring it and trying to get it to move as much as possible. I remember being told my rebellion was a bad thing.

What lights you up? What are you called to?

Stop questioning yourself. The moment you do you can take action and action leads to clarity and with clarity you gain confidence and with confidence you can inspire others.

Be gloriously messy. Stop expecting perfection. Be vulnerable in your messiness.

Be fully seen in the glorious vision of your passionate heart.


What would happen if we meditated more, and hugged more, and thanked more? What would happen if we admitted we are sad about what is happening in the world and we took little tiny steps each day to shift the tide in our own backyard.

I think we would come together as a collective. I think we would shed what doesn’t serve our higher mission. I think we would give ourselves a lot of oxygen and breathe really damn deep.

If you are wondering how to clear away the shit to be extra inspired, that’s exactly what I teach in my Fanning The Flames online Social Justice, and Advocacy Training. Sign up today!

It’s Monday, cause some mayhem, raise some hell! xoxoxo Dr. Melissa Bird


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