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Monday Mayhem – Chaos, Devastation, Heartbreak

the storm

I am heartbroken and devastated. I am ripped apart and shredded. I am at my breaking point. I am ready to run. I would gladly get into my car and drive it to the edge of the earth never to return.

It isn’t that I wish to die. I just wish to escape. To run away from it all.

The assault upon my daughters. The bugs crawling through my children’s hair. The shame around not having enough money to pay for the cars, the utilities, the credit card bills.

Yet, my selfishness in wanting to put forth my perfect pretty face.

How many times have I thought they would be better off if I was just gone? How deeply in my heart do I know that isn’t quite right either.

To denigrate something that is sacred. To suggest there is not a place for everyone. The very idea that there is no place for me.

How often have we as women wondered what would happen if we just walked away from it all? Not by death mind you, although some may make that choice, but by simply walking away.


Share your kindness and generosity towards other women today. Today I ask you to reach out to a sister & offer her grace.

Sometimes I am overcome with shame in my failures as a woman. I punish myself with my own lashes of self-flagellation. I ask for punishment for my very existence.


Set aside your judgment of your fellow sister for having ambition…for feeling sad…for expressing joy…for doing the best she can with what she knows at the time.

Set aside your judgment for just a moment and remember this:

Just like you SHE is a gift. Just like you SHE is worthy of love. Just like you SHE has a story. Just like you SHE is the storm.

Give her space to tell her story. You never know – it just might surprise you.

Create some mayhem, raise some hell. Dr. Melissa Bird

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