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Monday Mayhem – Can we just burn down the Patriarchy already?

Yesterday was Pentecost. Pentecost is about fire. Fire is about transformation. Transformation is about SHIFT.

phoenix on fire

Yo, I am on fire. This girl is on fire. Fire is what comes to me in my dreams. The flame, the fire, the ignition. The spark that destroys so new life can come up.

Fire is power. Love is power. Transformation is power.

In high schools around the country girls are shot down by boys who are mad at them. Burn it down. On the USC campus women (my friends and myself included) are subjected to MULTIPLE instances of sexual harassment and violence. Burn it down. The President of the United States willingly boasts about grabbing women by the pussy. Burn it down.

Today’s call to mayhem is to ask you to burn it down. Burn down the patriarchy. Burn down the tape in your head that says shhhhh. Burn down the forest that keeps you stuck in fear.

Let’s all channel our inner P!nk and burn that fucker down.

Pink fire giphy

Be the fire. Be the love.

Cause some mayhem, raise some hell… Dr. Melissa Bird

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