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Monday Mayhem – Be grateful dammit


I am grateful for the community we have begun to build in Corvallis. It is built on a foundation of love.

I am grateful for the love of my children. I am grateful for the heart song that connects my soul to Jim in all of its beauty.

I am grateful for my ability to succumb to the Universes signal that I must rest. It is how I am healthy and can continue to thrive.

I am grateful for the opportunity to speak my truth and tell others about opportunities to engage in acts of justice. I am grateful for a church that gives me a platform from which to do so.

In the act of being grateful may we get off our bums and do something amazing.

In the act of being grateful may we speak our truth without attaching ourselves or other people.

Hold on to your gratefuls and share them with others.

Create some mayhem, raise some hell. Dr. Melissa Bird

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