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Maiden Mother Crone

Every culture and religion has their own version of stories of creation. Throughout all of humanity people have told their own version of how we came to be. In all of these scenarios, women (often mothers) are at the core of that creation.

There are more crossovers than differences in our origin stories. They all flow from the same lingering curiosity about HOW we got here, WHY we are here, and HOW we can be stewards of love to the earth and to others.

I have been pondering/praying a lot lately about the idea of women as the focal point of creation.

What would happen if we centered ourselves in the creation of extraordinary justice?

What if we connected more deeply to our women’s intuition and used it to expand our centering of the origin stories?

What if we stopped being quiet about the things that matter deeply to us?

Maiden → Mother → Crone

Eve → Mary → Sophia

Maiden. The young unmarried woman.

Mother. A woman in relation to her children.

Crone. The wise woman.

Eve. The inquisitive feminine face of the divine.

Mary. The Holy Grail. The carrier of life. The Divine Mother.

Sophia. The feminine face of God.

Why do men fear the maiden (Eve)?

Is it because we bleed once a month without dying?

Why do men try to control the mother (Mary)?

Is it because we can create human life in our own bodies and they cannot?

Why do men describe the crone as something to be feared (Sophia)?

Is it because she is no longer mysterious (childbearing) and therefore worthless?

As creators we are wizened, and therefore dangerous.

As women we are intuitive, and therefore threatening.

As the origin, we are the beginning, and therefore life.

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