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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – So You Want To Be An Activist?

You‘re mad. I‘m mad. We are all fucking mad. The world seems to have gone mad.

What do you do when the world goes mad? You stand for something; you start in your little part of the world and create stability and reason so you and those around you can gain your footing. And once you’re on solid ground, you kick ass.


But, it can’t be willy-nilly ass kicking.

You can’t just go kicking ass all over the place. You will get tired. And beat up. And probably lost, because no one remembers to take a map with them when they bust out the doors ready to kick all.the.ass.

When things are mad, we must focus.

Anger has two directions; inward and outward. You can let this anger — this madness — erode your peace and wellbeing, or you can direct it outward. Once outward, again, anger will go in one of two directions, it will burn everything down or it will give you laser precision to burn away the madness. What determines the direction, is focus.

Stay focused, this is a relay race, not a sprint.

Focus on what you are passionate about. Focus on what directly impacts your life. Focus on what matters to you. Don’t commit to hours if you only have minutes. One thing is better than nothing.

Call your elected officials. Reach out to those who can help you make change.

When you connect with your elected officials, find something you have in common. Activism is effective at a personal level.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Stay focused, lest you burn down the barn trying to eradicate some rats.  

Once you truly understand the power structures at play, you can engage in empowered leadership and make a big impact in your community and across the country. That’s exactly what I teach in my Fanning The Flames online Social Justice, and Advocacy Training. Sign up today!

It’s Friday, fuck shit up y’all. Love, Dr. Melissa Bird


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