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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – How is it that we are winning?

I was recently asked by a Twitter buddy how I can be thinking that we are winning with shit being so bad for women.

I get it – things aren’t so good. Kavanaugh. Roe. Health Care. Separation of Children. Death of the Environment.

I could go on and on and on…but I won’t because I sort of feel like the patriarchy is on fire and it is running in circles trying to put itself out. I think the resistance is winning and that is why shit feels like it is getting worse.

patriarchy on fire

Here are 5 ways I think we have chipped away at the patriarchy:

  1. Women are ACTUALLY winning their races. Women are winning! Not just running. Winning. Against attacks from the left as well as the right, I might add.

  2. Women are ACTUALLY still speaking out about things they can’t keep quiet about. Yes, women are speaking out, and in fact, there’s a growing safety net that’s allowing MORE women to speak out. This is an upward cycle.

  3. Women are still coming together to support each other – we are rising above the “mean girls” rhetoric and exploring new ways to connect.

  4. The violence is ratcheting up. This indicates we are scaring the people in power.

  5. People are polarizing like never before. The extremes are becoming more extreme thus opening up the field for those of us who are deeply invested in exploring what it means to be squarely in the political middle.

I realize that many will argue that I am full of shit and I am good with that.

WE must keep doing whatever we can to continue the uprising of the matriarchy. We cannot stop. If we do the momentum will be lost and we will never reach the pinnacle.

The patriarchy is tantrumming and throwing a gigantic fit (picture Gollum having a complete nervous breakdown).

gollum tantrum

I don’t know how long it will take for us to see the fruits of our labor but I do know that we are compelled to continue on this path if we wish to experience true bodily autonomy and freedom as women.

Back to the conversation with my friend. She said I was right “of course” that we must carry on…that we cannot give up. Like Churchill once said,

Our success is inevitable. The key thing is “never surrender”.

We can’t keep on without determination and belief in ourselves. WE ARE WINNING. KNOW we are.

It’s Friday, fuck shit up y’all, Dr. Melissa Bird

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