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You don’t have to hold it all together

This is a special message, especially for the ladies who think they have to hold it all together. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO HOLD IT ALL TOGETHER! LET ME SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK! YOU CAN RELEASE AND LET GO!

❤️ You don’t have to hold on. ❤️ You don’t have to hold down the fort. ❤️ You don’t have to hold it all together.

When we engage in the false belief that we have to hold it all together, two things happen. The first thing is that we get separated from spirit. This separates us from our intuition and pushes us out of alignment with ourselves. Look at all the statues of all the deities. From the gigantic Jesus in Rio to the smallest icon sold on the streets in Bangladesh, their hands are open. Palms up, arms outstretched ready to receive, ready to give. READY TO JUST BE. The second thing is that it gives us the illusion of control. It tells us that somehow if we clench, if we tighten, if we hold on then we will “make it through”. Most of us don’t want to just make it through life, we want to thrive. Thriving requires a deep and thorough release. It requires that we allow gravity to work, to hold it all down for us. When we release the need to control and open our hands to receive, then we have the space to be open and present for all of it. And I mean all of it:

  • The good and the bad

  • The happy and the sad

  • The grief and the celebration

When we let gravity do the job of holding it all down, it opens us up to it all. The experience of life. The journey into what’s next. The business of living. Open your hands to the sky. Xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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