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You Are A Wonder

You have a gypsy soul and a warrior spirit.

You are a warrior.

Declare it.

Your identity is challenged because of the boxes of misogyny and power and control that you check to keep yourself safe from shame and criticism and guilt.

These are not tools of the Divine Feminine.

The warrior woman has an untamed, wild heart that knows the exact moment for rest and the exact moment for action.

We challenge the power structure with this divine knowing.

We push the boundaries of the magical and the extraordinary.

We smell like cedar and sage and are glorious in our rooted down strength and oakey ferocity.

We are different.

We don’t fit the mold.

We drink copious amounts of tea and commend our spirits to God, the Creator, the Divine Feminine, and magic.

We are a magic that isn’t meant for everyone and that opens us up to connect with exactly our people. When people question you, remember that curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it led to possibility. You are free to be YOU. The. Entirety. Of. YOU.

Yes, we are here to bear witness to the glory of your shining, majestical, passionate soul.

Everything you do, everything you are, is exactly as it was meant to be.

Let go of that heavy burden you are holding on to. That idea that you don’t know, that you are too much, that you are wrong.

You are wonderful.

You are a wonder.

You are a miracle of space and time and you are right here on purpose.

You are here with purpose, on purpose.

Be the peaceable warrior you were called here to be. Be the outspoken divine transformative beacon of glorious light that we see emanating from your heart.

I am so glad you were born.

Thank you for being here.

I love you so much.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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