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Transfiguration in the Season of Mary

Last Sunday was the first day of advent and I preached a sermon about reverence, discernment, and prayer.

Right before I stood up to preach, my heart started thudding out of my chest. I knew I wasn’t having a panic attack, I knew I wasn’t afraid, yet I asked myself what the hell is wrong with me?

Within seconds a word was whispered in my ear, “transfiguration.” I was like...what the hell? Over and over the word “transfiguration”.

After the service, I asked my priest what it meant. He said, “Becoming your true nature.”

I walked the labyrinth and asked for guidance from Mother Mary (it is her season after all) and from God. I recorded what came to me on voice notes.

“The pounding heart is not fear, it is not anxiety, it is transfiguration. The transformation that you seek does not come from playing it safe and not pushing boundaries, it comes from tapping into that thudding of your heart so that you can complete your transfiguration.”

Whewee y’all.


Here we are shifting and changing into a more beautiful and spiritual state. We cannot be in scarcity when we fall into the words of the divine because God is with us.

When the physical body takes on a higher spiritual self, and when we bring together our magic and intuition with the love of the beloved community, we are unstoppable.

Right now there are thousands and thousands of us who are coming into our higher self and honoring our passions. This is our true nature.

To feel joy.

To reside in happiness.

To love and be loved.

To speak the truth of who we are with our whole heart.

This is our call for the radical understanding of the divine and the human. Embrace the divine within yourself.

To learn more about honoring the divine in you, enjoy this recording I made for you

I love you


Dr. Melissa Bird


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