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Today I Pray We Won’t Go Back

Today is the anniversary of Roe.

Today is the day that I say prayers and light candles to the desperate women who died from coat hangers and broom sticks.

Where I pray for the future of my daughters and their right to choose when they have children and to have access to trained medical doctors if they need abortion to save their lives.

Today is the day that I implore you to remember that the laws of this country must not permeate the membranes of my skin and that my body and the body of my daughters is not expendable. Today I invite you to engage in graceful revolution by telling your own stories of abortion publicly so that it becomes a real and tangible thing.

Today I pray for and remember the doctors who have been murdered in acts of domestic terrorism.

Today I pray that this year is the year we shift it all.

Today I engage in revolution.


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