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This is what humility really means

The patriarchy has fucked up a great many things.




I mean it has really given us a run for our money.

When I first started speaking out publicly on my Facebook Lives my mother would remind me repeatedly to be humble. It would piss me off so much. I think she was worried about me saying something that would make others mad, but it really made me feel like she didn’t trust me. Like I was doing something shameful and wrong.

For me, being humble meant being silent.

It meant being quiet.

It meant putting on my modesty pants and sitting off in a corner.

The patriarchy totally fucked that up for me and for my mom. To be humble has been twisted to mean silenced. To be humble means not to make a fuss. It means to demure to others who know better. It means to question the voice inside of you that says, “ in your deep knowing.”

It turns out that being humble means being grounded in who you are.

It means having deep, thick roots that keep you grounded to the earth.

Humility does not equal modesty, humility equals 300-year old redwood tree that is tall and wide with deep roots and deeper spirit. It means feminine power. It means strength. It means knowing.

It means letting go of fear and worry because then you manifest more things that frighten and worry you.

It means paying attention to what is going right so that you can manifest more of the good stuff.

It means listening to that small, still knowing of your heart that says, “Screw the patriarchy, you were born for this.”

There are no hard and fast rules to rebellion.

Carry on.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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