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The Life of a Rebel

The life of the Natural Born Rebel is rich with stories of surmounting obstacles, navigating dangerous terrain, and self-protection in the face of grave adversity. We have the ability to blend in when necessary and stand out when it will yield the results we crave.

And yet, we deny our rebel moniker, worried that someone will think badly of us. 😔

Rebels are punished for their thoughts and ideas because they aren’t the “norm”.

We must ask ourselves, who is defining the “norm”?

The very fire that compels us as rebels can also be our greatest enemy in the eyes of “polite” society.

We must ask ourselves, who is defining “polite”

It is the identity of the rebel to want to simultaneously fit in and defy convention. And, ironically part of our rebellion is wanting to be seen.

How can you engage with the ostracised rebel?

How can you reach out to that untouchable girl in the back of the room who is simultaneously trying to blend in while desperately wanting to be seen and heard?

Dehumanizing others is not the way to make long lasting change.

Identifying how injustices touch our own lives, even if we aren’t directly impacted by the injustice is critical to moving forward as a community.

Change is not found in dramatic confrontation. It is found in the actions that you take because you feel deeply about what is happening in the world and you can no longer stay sitting on your hands biding your time.

This week I invite you to engage with the rebel, whether they are you or someone else. Get to know them (you) better.

Change the norm.

Disrupt the narrative.

In Solidarity.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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