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Monday Mayhem – Stop running from yourself

Have you noticed we are always trying to escape? But what are we trying to escape from?

Our birthright? Our calling? Our purpose?

How many times have we been told who we are isn’t appropriate or good or acceptable? To whose standards? By whose definition?


Who makes the rules now is not who has always made the rules.

Women used to make the rules for birth – it was women’s work. And then men became doctors.

Women used to be the keepers of community. And then men stopped going hunting for months at a time.

Women used to be the wise ones who gave wisdom to the clansmen. And then the church came.

Today, we are lectured to, our bodies are regulated beyond even our own comprehension.

We are told our aspirations are silly, our dreams too much for people to bear.

Who are we to want to fall into our purpose?

We are taught to fear the tugging of our heart because it scares others when we ease into our powerful selves.

Roll your shoulders back a few times. Close your eyes and feel your chest opening with each roll. What are your guides telling you? What does the holy spirit wish you to hear?

Who are you without the need to escape? What if you didn’t have to run away from yourself? Join me for Rebel School and let’s find out. Sign up today.

It’s Monday, create graceful revolution! xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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