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Let me tell you a secret about my job

“I still don’t know why I am here. I think it is because I am magic or something.”

“I call working with you Filet of Soul. You peel off our skin, fill us with glitter, and put us back together again all healed and stuff.”

“Rebel School is like being in a safe bubble of focused accountability, where your core is recognized without all the clutter. Like sitting around a big round table drinking tea with people who know you and love you.”

“Working with you is eye opening and soul changing.”

Last week the people in Rebel School had me covered in the chills and reeling from all of the revelations that came one right after the other. There was not one person who wasn’t crying. The week before that, so much laughter. The week before that, awareness that every single person in the group has experienced similar things at the hands of the patriarchy. Y’all, it is hard to describe what I do. It is so difficult to put into words what it is like to have this job. When you create space for this level of spiritual and emotional growth, calling yourself a coach isn’t enough. Magical witchy prophetess mystic sage preacher woman gets nearer to it and still, it doesn’t fully encapsulate what I do on a daily basis with my clients. When I decided to write these words it was because I heard a whisper from my guides telling me to tell you the story of working with me. So here I am, drinking my tea after a morning full of prayer, spell casting, and contemplation writing to tell you what a deep honor it is to do this work. Last week, I did a Misfit Magic Hour reading with a woman who just sat and cried. She was the 5th person that week to say to me, “I don’t cry. How are you making this happen?” Yesterday, I talked with a literal stranger who spilled all her deepest secrets to me. She was the 10th person in a month who had gotten on a call with me and then said, “I have never told anyone this, I can’t believe I am telling you.” Transitioning people into healing by using mind, body, soul integration is holy work. Creating space where people can tap into their innate creative abilities is alchemical work. Being the facilitator of community change is transformational work. My job is changing the cellular DNA of the future of our communities. And honest to god, I still can’t believe that I get to wake up every single day and do this work. I can’t believe that I listened to the niggles, heard when spirit was giving me messages, followed through when I got knocked over with a 2x4 in my dreams. Following through is really the key to living a life full of abundance and prosperity. Paying attention to the signs, listening to the repeating instructions from the divine, working to untangle the knots that keep us bound to living a life that isn’t fulfilling. I weep because it is so grand. I write because it is so important. I serve because it is so needed. Thank you for being part of my world ❤️ I love you, Dr. Melissa Bird


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