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I cannot wrap my head around what is happening right now

Hi, this is a rant with some important information in it. If you aren’t in the mood don’t read on. If you feel like you need to commiserate in your shock and awe, please continue reading.

I just finished interviewing my friend and hero Soraya Chemaly author of the book Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger and I have to tell you, we were both pretty damn hopeless.

Hell, one might even say that I have been stunned into a solid case of WTF do we do now? *GASP* This isn’t like me at all. I always have something positive to say. Not today. Not this week. Nope.

One of my Twitter friends put it this way, “We knew it was coming and expected the trap to snap shut, but expecting and feeling those steel claws are two different things.”

Part of me keeps thinking this is what I was made for. I started this coaching work because my intuition is so damn magical, so potent, it saves lives and empowers the shit out of people.

My intuition is my internal compass, my warning system that tells me shit is gonna hit the damn fan. And for years it has been warning me. I honest to shit knew it was gonna be bad but y’all. All these cases in one damn 6 day period? JUST WOW.

I want to be super clear here. I am not just talking about the Dobbs decision that eliminated the right to privacy in medical decisions (see you later HIPPA). Wait, what? Nope, it isn’t just about abortion.

I am also talking about the decision telling sovereign tribal nations that the rule of law on reservations, “was relatively insignificant in the real world” (read white world) and “Indian country is part of a State, not separate from a State”. The white people created those reservations. And state lines are arbitrary lines of demarcation.

I am also talking about the Supreme Court gutting the ​​Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate emissions from the country’s power plants. I sure am gonna miss that clean air and water.

Never mind the fact that we just found out that a sitting United States President was giddy at the idea of a mob murdering the Vice President of the United States.

Flummoxed. I am flummoxed.

Also, so many of you have asked me what to do. So here is what I am doing. Maybe this will inspire you too.

  • I am lighting candles and incense every day and praying for guidance and wisdom.

  • I am reading fairy porn every day (thank you Sarah J. Maas for all the things).

  • I am drinking incredibly expensive whiskey out of a pretty teacup every night before bed.

  • I am reading the Bible and I am reading my tarot cards every day.

  • I am putting on makeup and filming videos with some of my clients about what it is like to work with me.

  • I am reading the dissenting opinions of the Supreme Court rulings because dissenting makes me happy. (I linked them above for you)

  • I am yelling, tantruming, and screaming to Ani DiFranco, Pink, and The Chicks.

Remember this is a marathon. This is going to be a decades-long marathon. Take it easy friends, we are going to need to really pay attention to our inner compass.

If you need to talk. I am here for you.

Sending you love from the trees.


Dr. Melissa Bird

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