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#GOPTaxScam #EffSh*tUpFriday

My husband is a veteran. He and I are gun owning Democrats who believe deeply in American government. We attend church with our kids on most Sundays and he is using his GI Bill to finish his college education. I did what my grandparents taught me to do and worked hard to get where I am today. We always pay our taxes.


I was raised in Utah surrounded by true conservatives. Conservatives who do not believe in being bullies and beating up on queers and women. They believed in fiscal conservancy and the power of the purse. They were Republicans who were deeply committed to ensuring that government ran well and efficiently. They knew how to save money and they knew how to spend it.

The system only works if the people in power care about the people.

It would appear that all the people in power care about these days is money and more power. What we have experienced in the last 30 days in America is a complete dismantling of the budget process in this Nation. (If you wish to know more about how the budget process in America works, check out conservative podcaster Beth’s PHENOMENAL primer at Pantsuit Politics.)

Right now as I am writing this my husband and I are watching the Senate vote on the GOP Tax Plan. In case you didn’t know you could do that, I recommend you check out the magic of C-SPAN. Before the debate, Senator McConnell admitted that Senators were not allowed to read the 500 page bill they were voting on. Here are some highlights from Twitter:

Our Democracy isn’t dead but it is drowning and will continue to tread water because absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Human beings are remarkably complicated. Politicians are human beings. We can’t expect our political conversations to be perfect BUT we must have them.

Have you ever had someone tell you they know what is best for you even when they didn’t know you? That is what GOP members of the Senate and Congress are doing with the Tax Bill.

In a world of what I know what’s best for you, let’s remember if you don’t tell your elected officials what IS best for YOU, they will keep assuming they know what is best. Email them and tell them you are their constituent, tell them your story, introduce yourself and your family…HUMANIZE yourself to them.

Get mad…get active…agitate…activate…! And while we are at it… Resistance women, the time to run for office is NOW.

We need women in office like never before.

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It is Friday…fuck shit up y’all. Dr. Melissa Bird

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