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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – Are you choking on your manners?

I grew up with a grandma who was obsessed with Emily Post. Manners ruled everything in her house. She was old school with a side of feminism mixed in. We did not mess around with swearing (that never caught on), napkins on our lap (I nearly didn’t go on a 2nd date with my husband because of it), or handwritten thank you notes (always, always, always write them).

Polite society at dinner

Personally I am a stickler for 2 out of 3 as is evident of my swear word sailor mouth.

We are taught by polite society that Natural Born Rebels:

  1. Aren’t enough.

  2. Will have consequences if we don’t behave.

  3. Aren’t good enough to be listened to around the dinner table or the boardroom table.

Women who are choking on the message of polite society are:

  1. Tired of being told their opinions are wrong or are insignificant

  2. Want to make a meaningful impact in their communities but feel shamed or shunned

  3. Ready to drop the self doubt and feelings of unworthiness

If you are ready for your primary feeling state to be:

Empowered Expansive Prepared Confident Lit UP Connected Excited


Give the Heimlich Maneuver to polite society and the patriarchy!

Hurry and sign up there are only 7 seats left! Enroll before July 1 and you will be entered to WIN a 1/2 day 1:1 online coaching package with me valued at $2500 dollars! For more details click here!

It’s Friday, mess it up y’all! xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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