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A calling to the Christians – even if you aren’t one this might be helpful for you too

The Holy Gospel according to Luke (10:25-37) introduces us to the Good Samaritan. He is the dude who doesn’t pass by the guy who has been robbed, beaten, and left for dead even though everyone else gave him nary a look. At the very end of that particular scripture we are instructed to “go and do likewise”.

Today, I want to ask you a favor. I ask you to put aside politics and fear. I ask you to put aside labels and tools of attack. I ask you to stop before you shame those who do not think or act like you.

Today, I implore you to go and do likewise.

Today, I ask you to consider the lives of these people. Really look at their bodies and their faces. Do not look away as the priests and the Levites did in the bible. Really take a good LOOK AT THESE LIVES.

These are men, women, and children. These are human beings just like you and I. These are mommies and daddies. These are somebody’s children.

Today, I ask you to transcend the ego of man and ask yourself this question, “What would Jesus do?”


Would he turn a blind eye to the people in cages because he didn’t understand why they were there? Would he justify their being held in inhumane conditions because it wasn’t his problem? Would he remain silent because of loyalty to church, political party, and partisan politics? Would he be afraid to speak out to his fellow Christians about the abuse of little children at the border because he was afraid of rocking the boat?

I submit to you that he would not.

Jesus was a rebel. He went against the grain often at great risk to himself. I believe he would say to hell with it, I am going into the fire. I am going to stand up for these people even if I don’t agree with why they are coming to this country.

Jesus would not identify as pro-life and then remain silent about these human beings being tortured, abused, and neglected. He would speak out passionately about what is happening to our neighbors and cross the street to help them.

If you identify as pro-life speak out against these atrocities. If you identify as Christian speak out against these atrocities. If you identify as human speak out against these atrocities.

Cross the street. Be the Good Samaritan. Ask yourself WWJD and then DO IT.

If this doesn’t resonate with you because you don’t identify as Christian, the same rules apply. Cross the street. Do Good. Speak out.

It’s Monday. Cause some mayhem, raise some hell. xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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