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What will you do when this is all over?

This week I was taking some time to reflect on this whole pandemic and the past year and I realized something bananas... I have no idea what I will do with myself when this pandemic is over. I was just sitting here after a weekly zoom meeting thinking Holy crap, what is going to happen when people want to see me in person? What will I do with my business? Good hell y’all...I started spinning. I mean SPINNING. 🤪

And so I took a big deep breath, put on the Rolling Stones, called my best friend and made a plan.

One of the most insipid messages we receive from our internalized misogyny is that there is something wrong with us. That we have to panic about perceived plans that we are supposed to have. I don’t know about you, but my magic 8 ball seems to be stuck on, “I can’t predict the future.” 🎱

It's ok if you're feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, and confused about what to do next. If you're feeling broken and thinking you have to do better.

But Instead of panicking, I propose something far greater....

That we engage in a massive disruption of the heart. ❤️

Pull out a piece of paper and write these three things down:

  • Everything I dream comes to fruition 🌟

  • I am deserving of abundance 🙌

  • I ignite new and exciting ideas 🔥

Repeat these affirmations out loud for the next 7 days as many times as you wish and see what magic you conjure up.

When we lean forward into new beginnings, leave overcomplication behind, and open our hearts to receiving, clarity emerges and our path opens up ahead.

Be glad to be you ❤️

Be excited to be you 🥳

Let your inner light shine and be receptive to new beginnings ✨

Dr. Melissa Bird



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