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What If It Was Easy?

I ask my clients this question every single day: What if it was easy?

What if we didn’t have to push and shove and beat and punch our way through life? I mean, I love yelling as much as the next yelly person, but my voice is getting horse and I am tired of feeling wrung out at the end of a long argument. What if we could just ease and flow our way through difficult situations? They present themselves all the time, I wonder what would change for all of us if that was just ok. What if instead of falling into our trauma responses, we saw that scared little kid and we held them and embraced them and fell into self love and self knowing? The minute I recognized that I was acting as if I was 8 and not 46 everything in my life changed. I stopped being terrified and started finding opportunities in the shit that terrified me. What if we let it be easy and we let the street fight with ourselves go? I have been in a battle with myself for so long, I decided to get really curious about what would happen if I stopped fighting my desires. What happened was that I made more money, my dogs were calmer, my husband was nicer, and I felt more comfortable in my skin. This week, I challenge you to try it. Let it be easy. We don’t HAVE to do hard things.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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