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What are you leaving behind?

At the beginning of February I was asked, what are you leaving behind that will be in service to you and your purpose? Meaning, what am I letting go of that is no longer serving my best and highest good.

What a remarkable, rebellious question.

What am I leaving behind so that I can be of greatest service to myself and my clients, my family and my community?

The truth is...when I really listen to spirit, I realize I am leaving behind that false belief that if I speak my truth people will think I am a shyster. Yep you read it here first…my biggest fear is that y’all will read my words and listen to my talks and think, “Oh geeze this woman is full of crap.”

The reality is that the voices inside all of our heads are driven by an internalized misogyny that is so subtle, we often can’t see it at work. An insecurity so potent that it creates silent microaggressions that come out as fear.

  • This year I am embracing the knowledge that I am a beacon of light, definitely not a shyster.

  • This year I am embracing the knowledge that I am a deeply authentic person, definitely not an imposter.

  • This year I am embracing the knowledge that in the embodiment of God (which is simply love) that I honor and call in the connective fibers of growth and expansion.

What are you releasing and no longer believing this year? What are you embracing?

The grace of the universe is IN you and WITH you.

The grace of the universe is in the plants we use for medicine. It is in the ceremonies we perform, it is in the spells we cast and the prayers we speak.

We are an integral part of the connective fibers by which we weave such rapturous, abundant love, growth, and expansion.

Sending you love from the trees.



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