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What are we so afraid of?

I was recently asked by a friend to put together a proposal to speak at a conference on aging. As we were talking, I realized that in an effort to create frameworks, human services has become somewhat mechanized and streamlined.

So in my proposal I pushed back against the clinical framework that has been created for working with older adults.

I talked about vulnerability, shame, connection, and doing work that expands circles of connectivity for people as they age.

I talked about how we need to decrease isolation among baby boomers and how I would encourage people to think about why the aging population is getting STDs, using drugs, and battling with serious mental illness.

But I didn’t use their language. They decided to go with a clinical person who works in the field.

I am good with that but it got me to thinking, why do people prefer to remain in their echo chambers instead of revolutionizing their thinking? What are they so afraid of?

We can think about risk all day long but none of it matters if we aren’t leading people to love.

So, for all you service providers, social workers, teachers, and helpers out there let me challenge you today. Ask the people you work with what they need and operate from that space. Think about how you can give hope and a future to the people that you interact with in your practice. Act in the spirit of grace and supplication and see where it leads.

Do you think you are ready to lead in the way of the graceful revolution? I would LOVE to chat with you about working with me. Get on my schedule and let’s talk today!

I love you,

Dr. Melissa Bird


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