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There is only love

The pushing and the forcing and the denial...that is your past pushing against your

future. You have to fall into it.

Picture a starfish falling back into water – it is wide open.

It is not closed off. The starfish doesn’t care if it is safe.

It hasn’t done a thorough fear analysis. It only knows it wants to fall into the water.

Wide open and reaching out with its 5 points of light. Let yourself fall.

Trust that the water with its healing properties will catch you and support you with its

healing love and light.

Know that your divine purpose on this earth is to do more than worry.

You are supposed to create. You are supposed to give back.

You are supposed to connect and love and play and pray and have really great sex and

experience the ENTIRETY of the human experience.

There are no rules, there is only love. There are no boundaries, there is only love. There

are no restrictions, there is only love.

You are being called to set aside all of the things you have been taught that keep you

small, closed up, folded into a ball forgotten in the corner long ago. Come out, come out

wherever you are. Go ahead. Come out and play.

You are a glorious beam of light and we want you to share all that you are with the

world. Glowing, bright, delicious human with all your bumps and stories and bruises. I

see you and I welcome you into my loving arms to be seen and witnessed and healed.

Precious one I love you so much. Unclench your fists, unclench your muscles, unclench

your jaw. Know that you do not have to remain tight in a bud.

You have permission to spread your arms wide to receive the divine love that is your

absolute birthright as a human being on this earth.

It is ok to be seen because the divine is holding you.

It is ok to speak because the divine is holding you.

It is ok to do magic because the divine created you.

It is ok to love because all there is is love. And you are love.




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