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The universe has your back and God is cheering you on.

You have many options and opportunities from which you can choose.

Sometimes that can be super overwhelming especially when you are trying to hone in on what you want to say about a particular thing that has gotten you really fired up.

If you take action here in the present moment it can create clarity so that you gain the confidence you need to continue speaking out about the shit that really means something to you.

I have 3 steps for you that you can use to make decisions in your life and your work:

1. Choose one thing (ie. topic, subject, idea)

2. Stay focused

3. Take action

If you take inspired, focused, intentional action your message can be heard.

The key to living a full, abundant, kick ass life is NOT having all the answers, it is taking imperfect action every single day about shit that makes you feel tingly and excited.

The universe has your back and God is cheering you on.

What are you waiting for?


Rock on,

Dr. Melissa Bird


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