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The top 10 things I have learned from running a business

1. I don’t need to look for a “real job”. When I first started my business I used to tell my mom I was doing this for a while and then I would find a real job. I have never heard a man say that about his business. I do have a real job. It is called running not just one, but 3 businesses. The lesson - Stop talking yourself out of whatever it is you are doing by diminishing its importance. It is all important.

2. There is no such thing as perfection. Perfection is a tool of the patriarchy. Perfection is the enemy of the good. Perfection will destroy any dream you think you have of making a difference in the world. The lesson - Put your perfectionist princess on her beautiful horse and send her riding into the sunset. She is a liar and you don’t need her.

3. You will survive if you believe in your purpose. I know what my core purpose on this earth is. My businesses are a reflection of this purpose. When I was first starting as an entrepreneur I kept falling back to my purpose over and over again to remember what I was doing. The lesson - Do what you are called to do in your heart, you will be so happy and successful.

4. There are people in the world that want to see you succeed. And they are always the people you least expect to show up. We cannot predict the future and we cannot know who our biggest supporters are, but if we keep listening to our calling the exact right people will arrive at the exact right moment. The lesson - Open up space to receive all that you have coming and stop trying to control the process.

5. Listen for the messages. The entire reason I started Natural Born Rebel is because my friend Susie randomly called me and told me she had received a vision for me and my business. I was in a Lyft on the way to the airport and it was the most random call I have ever received. The lesson - The more open we are to hear all sorts of different messages, from all sorts of different places, the more expansive and full our lives will become.

6. Your instinct is not to be denied. The real trick to staying out of a scarcity mindset is to listen to your gut and never question where it is leading you. Sometimes it will feel really weird and seem outlandish, my friend Mary Houston calls that, “terriciting”. The lesson - If you aren’t excited and terrified at the same time it isn’t the thing, trust your gut.

7. Creativity is fun. Do creative every day. The greatest innovations in the world happen not because of college degrees or fancy titles, but because someone was willing to be creative with their time and energy. Creativity is the lifeblood of change. The lesson - Everyday fill your soul with creativity. Write, color, play, do a puzzle, make music. You don’t have to do it well but you do have to do it.

8. You are not alone. There are so many people in the world who want to know who you are. Ask and you shall receive over and over again. Be open to meeting new people in places you never expect to. They will turn out to be the greatest surprises. The lesson - Listen to the niggle, that nudge is exactly where you are supposed to go next.

9. Hire a coach and a therapist. Therapists help you deal with your past, coaches help you overcome the stumbling blocks towards your future. Having both in your life can be a powerful motivator and force for change in your life. The lesson - Do the work that it will take to be the person you were meant to be. It takes a village, so hire the village!

10. Ask for help. I don’t know everything but I know just enough about many, many things to be dangerous. If you don’t have the answer just admit it and then find someone who does. The lesson - If you don’t know then ask someone who does, it will lead to beautiful friendships and partnerships and will make your life more full!



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