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There are no hard and fast rules to rebellion

Engaging in justice work is about expanding your capacity to receive.

It isn’t just about marching.

It isn’t just about protesting.

It isn’t just about writing letters and making calls.


It is about being open to receiving love and compassion.

It is about being open to loving criticism and merciful suggestions.

It is about being open to your divine purpose in your community.

I invite you to think about how you can think of community building through the lens of wild abandon. Shed the bonds of political correctness and fear to speak your truth as you know it. Release the idea that the gifts you have to share with the world are unwarranted and ridiculous.

What if we just trusted our instinct in making change in our lives and communities?

What if there were no restrictions on our ability to shift the way people think about the world?

What if we had compassion for our supposed enemies and we were able to talk about racism and sexism and misogyny from a space of love and trust?

Justice work is about untamed, joyful play.

If it doesn’t feel like love, it isn’t going to bring sustainable change.

Release your impatience with the people around you and be confident that your message is what we are so desperately craving right now.

There are no hard and fast rules to rebellion.

Carry on.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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