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My top 10 favorite feminists on Twitter

If you don’t have a Twitter account, that is ok, you can still get to know these folks!

1. Soraya Chemaly - Author of Rage Becomes Her. Executive Director of Women’s Media Center. Do not miss knowing this glorious woman’s work.

2. L’etat Est Nous - We met during the 2016 election. She was just recently kicked off Twitter for her feminist views and support of women’s issues. She is rebuilding her support network and I encourage all of you to follow her. She has taught me so much about activism and I love her dearly.

3. Pantsuit Politics - Sarah from the left and Beth from the right. Lots of nuance. So much good content and commentary. I was interviewed for their podcast last year! Don’t miss their awesomeness!

4. Mona Eltahawy - Sometimes she goes too far to the left for me but I always appreciate how far she pushes me, and we need to be pushed now more than ever. She is pure in your face feminism. Author of 7 Necessary Sins for Women and Girls and Headscarves and Hymens.

5. Jessie Losch - What a gem this woman is. She is a rising star who is so thoughtful and insightful in her tweets. She is the cofounder of the reproductive justice organization This Is WHARR. I love her dearly.

6. Jaclyn Friedman - Just a few days after the 2016 election her podcast saved my life and I have been listening to it ever since. Unscrewed is about good sex, feminism, and phenomenal interviewing. I am so grateful for Jaclyn’s books Unscrewed and Believe Me.

7. Jessica Pieklo - Jessica is a SCOTUS nerd, podcaster, rock star soccer player, and amazing human. Her Twitter feed is so informative about issues having to do with reproductive justice, media, and the supreme court. I love her being in my Twitterverse because she is so funny and informative at the same time. When she followd me back I cried.

8. Feminist Next Door - Funny. Funny. Funny. Informative and funny. Just do yourself a favor and give her a whirl!

9. Jamia Wilson - Editor at Feminist Press, divinely spiritual, so easy to talk to. Movement builder Jamia is all the reasons I love doing my work. She is so fun to collaborate with and so open to conversations. She is always a wealth of information about authors of all backgrounds and is personally invested in changing the landscape about making reading and books accessible to everyone.

10. Renee Bracey Sherman - Renee is the founder of Abortion Stories. She is committed to the visibility and representation of people who have had abortions in media and pop culture. I am such a fan of normalizing the decisions people make and her work is so critically important to ensure that stories are told.



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