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Monday Mayhem – Roy Moore

“As our world reacts to injustice in forms of control, I as a follower of Jesus will react in forms of uncontrollable love.”

Yes y’all heard that right, I just threw you a quote about Jesus.

I know I know – y’all just spit out your beverages and fell out of your chair. Follow me here if you will. One of the things that has been happening lately is all or nothing thinking. Black & white thinking is my quicksand, it is my trap, and I often fall head first right into it.


On Saturday, I started to fall…headfirst into the quicksand…and then I took a deep breath…looked away from that scared little girl inside of me and into the eyes of my beloved and for the first time since I was 12, I realized that I don’t have to fall into the trap of victimization and self-doubt. I am not obligated to think in all or nothing. I can talk about Roy Moore.

This is what we KNOW about Roy Moore:

  1. He is a judge

  2. He is an attorney

  3. He is a conservative republican

  4. He is wealthy

  5. He has power

  6. He is a grown man who finds teenage girls attractive

  7. He understands the law

Men who pursue young girls who are significantly younger than them to engage in sexually stimulating activity including kissing and touching are not:

  1. Knocking boots

  2. The Man

  3. Heroes

  4. Getting some action

  5. Tapping that

  6. Taking the skin boat to tuna town

  7. Bonin

They are pedophiles.

When I was discussing this topic with my friend Matthew we talked about the fact that one of the reasons we like individual villains is because it absolves us of our complicity. Perpetrators are a part of the system of letting people down (ie. victims). Further, there is no such thing as a fake mystery when people come forward.

Women deserve to be believed

Here is what we know about me:

  1. I was molested by my grandfather as a child

  2. I am a social worker

  3. I am raising 3 children – 2 of whom are young girls and 1 of whom is a young boy

  4. Being alert and awake is complicated

  5. I believe grown men in our 30s should not kiss 14 year old girls and then be hailed as heroes

  6. I believe in God and Jesus and the divine Goddess

  7. I CANNOT remain quiet in face of sexual violence, harassment, and assault

Today, I call upon my friends who consider themselves members of the Republican party to speak out LOUDLY against the ridiculous notion that Roy Moore is a good guy. I call upon you to LOUDLY proclaim that this isn’t your GOP and you want Fox News to knock their shit off. Cause some mayhem. Raise some hell.

These are NOT shenanigans brought on by the liberal elite.

Just because you engage in sexual activity with someone 20+ years younger than you doesn’t mean you are a baller.

This is not a conspiracy theory.

1 in 3 women is sexually assaulted by age 18.


This is the reality in America. The victim must prove her truth in the court of public opinion. We should be critically thoughtful when dogma & doctrine get in the way of women being believed when they speak their truth. Cause some mayhem. Raise some hell.

What scares me is that this seems to be now acceptable whereas two years ago it would have been seen as appalling. Have we really gotten to this place as a nation where touching 14 year old girls is ok?

God I hope not.

Cause some mayhem. Raise some hell.

xoxo Dr. Melissa Bird

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