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Monday Mayhem-I think I might be angry

I cannot lie, I am just damn angry. Angry at the patriarchy, angry at the backlash, angry that over and over women are told to be quiet and shut up. I am angry that this week congress voted to ban abortion starting at 6 WEEKS and then put fetal personhood language into a tax bill. I am so far beyond over pulling up articles about women’s bodies to see the faces of old, white men talking at a microphone about what women can and cannot do. Oh and P.S. did you know they are going after your birth control?




Speaking of bullshit, did you see that sexual harassment is totally ok at the University of Southern California? As a mother that disgusts me. Hell you can grope, touch, speak at, and get away with just about anything if you are a professor there. In fact, the patriarchy is so entrenched even the women protect professors who are guilty of perpetrating on their students.


But enough about that, let’s talk about the democrats and their harassing phone calls.

For MONTHS I have been trying to get off the democrats call list. I give my money to local and national candidates that I believe in and that fully support the same things I do. Sometimes those people are republicans. I do not appreciate being repeatedly harassed by callers, especially when I have asked to be removed from a call list and MOST especially when no one from the DNC of the DCCC can give me a straight up honest answer about whether they are actively recruiting and funding anti-choice candidates.

Here is my bottom line, I do not give money to organizations that don’t fit my values. Do not keep asking. I will always give my money to candidates that DO fit my values.


Vantage Point is an organization run by my girl Morgan Mercer and she is REALLY getting shit done when it comes to amplifying sexual assault and harassment. She says, “raising our voices is important but we need to look at the scale of the population that this is impacting – the statistics, #MeToo, Weinstein, USC…etc. etc.”

Vantage Point has a vision “To be the leading software solution for providing the most effective, accessible, and scalable sexual harassment training tools at the corporate and collegiate levels.” They are crowdfunding to take their project nationwide and you can donate right here.


I did a FB live about all this today, go check it out!

If any of this makes you mad…go make some mayhem. If you like my brand of mayhem and you want to support my fierce brand of advocacy, become one of my patrons at Patreon…if you become a patron at $10, I will promote your business/project to my 3500 followers on Twitter, my 400 followers on Facebook, and my 600 followers on Instagram.

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