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Lessons from Mother Mary

This holiday season, I am thinking deeply about the Mother Mary. I am thinking about the critical role she has played in my life the last several months. I am thinking about how she had to completely surrender to her calling.

How did she do it?

How did Mary decide to trust her destiny?

When the Angel told her that she was carrying the most special baby in all the land why didn’t she look at him and tell him he was stark raving mad?

2019 has been a year of remarkable spiritual growth for me. I came out as a Christian witch. I spent most of the fall burning it all down to surrender to my calling. I admitted to myself that I am a priestess and that yes, God did choose me to be ALL of these things.

And I prayed a lot to my Mary’s. My trinity. My grandmother Mary, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene. The angel, the virgin, the whore. The triple threat of my own being as a woman. The spiritual reflection of the divine feminine that is my archetype.

What was it that the Angel told Mary that compelled her to fall into her calling? To accept her call? To not doubt the word of God?

Perhaps it was a faith that was so trusting, so real that she had no choice but to surrender to the power of prayer and devotion.

As you move through this week, I invite you to think about Mary on her journey to motherhood. To think about the idea that Mary didn’t give birth to her own child, she gave birth to all of us.

The divine mother gives us permission to fall into our own calling. Untether your soul, unbind your spirit, unfurl yourself to possibility. Give birth to your own love.

I love you,

Dr. Melissa Bird


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