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ICYMI: There’s a shift to girl power in the Star Wars universe

“OH. MY. GOD. I cried the entire time.” That was the message that I sent to my nearest and dearest about the new Star Wars movie The Last Jedi. I grew up on Star Wars. I took a box of tissues with me knowing that this was the last time that my original princess and I would be taking over the universe.

What I loved about it was how much the entire dialogue resonated with me because of all my feels regarding what is happening in America right now. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the drama of the chaos coming out of Washington DC that I forget how strong the force is within me.

Star Wars.PNG

My original teachings were not those of Jesus, feminism, or history. They were of Leia, Luke, Han and Chewy flying around leading the rebellion. They were about the deep exploration of the force and what it means to be tapped into the messages there.

  1. Stay grounded in our purpose, it gives us more meaning to our work in the resistance.

  2. Today wouldn’t be the same without you. If we didn’t gather there would be no change.

  3. Be genuinely grateful that we are alive at this time because we have the opportunity to engage in changing the bullshit and upending the patriarchy.

We have been set up as women to go out and slay the shit out of the patriarchy…it is our destiny. The force is the conviction inside of us that sits in between the good and the bad and pushes us through into action.

The MAGA conservatives are mad about Star Wars because every time a man would try to penetrate something (using a light saber or a flying spacecraft) a woman would come right up behind him and be like oh no bitches that aint gonna fuckin’ fly with me.

BUT THE BEST PART, for me anyway, was that in several instances throughout the entire movie women were turning the phallus back on the men and penetrating their shit. It was GLORIOUS!

Image result for images from star wars the last jedi

May the force be with you…always.

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