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I see you there...

I see you there confronted with your own shortcomings, not wanting to face the coming war.

I see you desperately wishing you could turn away from the ugliness of our racist past and present.

I see you wishing this would just go away so we could just get back to “normal”.

I see you wondering what is happening and how you can help so that you can just make it go away, so everyone can just feel better.

This isn’t an event that will last a few days or weeks and be over.

This isn’t a protest that will go on for a news cycle or two and be over.

This is a war.

This is a battle.

This is a movement.

This is the time to confront the demons of race and white supremacy.

This is the time of magic and spell work and prayer that we will confront the ugly truth of our own beliefs, shed light on injustice, and radically change the way we operate in the world. This is the moment that we do not turn away from the anguish and the suffering and instead bring into light the ugly truth of our nation.

Embrace what you most fear.

Be unapologetic in your longing for understanding.

Stand up for the people doing the complicated work of shifting.

Bear witness to the people marching, protesting, speaking their truth to power.

Pray for vision and compassion.

Speak spells of change and protection.

Rage and weep for the oppressed, while speaking out about injustice.

Recognize that you are both/and.

Do not turn away from what we are seeing with our own eyes.

And so we pray...loving God, have mercy on us, hold us in the grace of your spirit and give us the strength to finally dismantle the systems of oppression and lies that support the mantles of racism and patriarchy. Guide us in your holy light as we work to untangle the ties that bind us to the false beliefs in a system that crushes and judges unfairly.

And so we incant...Mother Mary, Grandmother Mary, Mary Magdalene, guide our hands as we tear down the walls that keep us separate. Impart the wisdom of the chalice, the womb, the giver of life so that we can work together in the sisterhood of community. Help us to stop shaming others, especially other women, so that we can ride together in the vessel of change and liberation. Beloved goddesses be with us in the quest for justice.

This is not just about equality. It is about a rebirth and renewal of a way of thinking and being where women reign in the glorious light of connection and love. You asked for a revolution, do not turn away when it is plainly put before you.

Blessed be.





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