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I have some dangerous questions for you...

I have some dangerous questions for you:

Do you hear that inner voice? Trust it.

Are you trying to accomplish something? Get clear by writing your ideas on paper.

Do you crave more joy? Call your inner child out to play.

Are you trying to spread your wings? Set clear boundaries.

Do you want to move forward? Let go of the past.

Are you feeling tender? Engage in deep self compassion.

Do you feel stuck? Let go of your old self.

Are you wondering what the hell to do next? Believe in your purpose.

Do you feel unheard? Honor your needs and feelings.

Are you interested in making a change? Remember, you are pure potential.

Do you feel scattered? Get still so you can tune into your intuition.

Are you out of touch? Feel rather than think.

Do you know you are here to lead? Claim your authority.

Are you lonely? Gather your closest friends.

Do you feel disjointed? Keep fighting for what you believe in.

Are you longing for a different experience? Make the creation in your head.

There are no hard and fast rules to rebellion.

Carry on.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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