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The Devil is in the Details

Have you ever been so consumed with the details of something in your life that you are afraid to be present in your day to day existence? I have.

Have you ever allowed waiting for the perfect moment stop you from doing the one thing your heart desired more than all else? I have.

Have you ever started a project, relationship, or job with such detailed expectations that when those details never fell into place you felt like you had failed miserably? I have.

The Devil is in the Details

What would happen if you…

Took action not because you had all the details but because you trusted that everything would turn out better than you thought it would.

Said yes to your true calling not because you had a set list of instructions for how to execute your purpose but because you trusted the divine more than what you can see with your own eyes.

Loved yourself with your whole heart not because someone else loved you but because you knew that you are love and you are loved.

Trust, Love, Surrender

The truth is, the devil is in the details because the details keep us stuck in our head instead of acting from our heart.

The truth is, the patriarchy would have us believe that Gods invitation is to comply with the rules but that isn’t the invitation at all. The invitation is for us to expand in love.

The truth is, we have been sold a bill of religious goods that tells us unless we believe in the details we are not worthy.

You’ve Totally Got This!

Ask yourself, what is true? Ask yourself, what if this were easy? Ask yourself, what if there were no problem?

Then tell the devil to shove it…the patriarchy isn’t going to fight itself and we have a graceful revolution on our hands!

Are you ready to heal your wounds and bridge the divide between your true calling and your shitty list of shoulds? Then join me for Rebel School. We start August 22 and I am 1/2 way full! If you are ready to harness your inner rebel for good and not evil then join me for this 3 month EPIC program where I take you from rebel without a cause to rebel with a mission.

It’s Monday, cause some mayhem, raise some hell! xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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