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How to Inspire Rebellion

Ways that you can inspire rebellion in yourself and others.

Be gloriously messy.

Stop expecting perfection.

Be vulnerable in your messiness.

Be fully seen in the glorious vision of your passionate heart.

Meditate more.

Hug more.

Thank more.

What would happen if we admitted that we are sad about what is happening in the world and we took little tiny steps each day to shift the tide in our own backyard?

I think we would come together as a collective force. I think we would shed what doesn’t serve our higher mission. I think we would stop shaming and blaming each other for our choices.

I think we would give ourselves lots of oxygen and breathe.

Really. Damn. Deep.

Rock on,

Dr. Melissa Bird

PS. I know you are ready to give yourself the oxygen mask, get on my schedule and let’s bring the plane in for a safe landing together!


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