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How to achieve greatness

I have never taken a traditional path.

I used to think this made me a loser but now I recognize that it is just the journey that I am on.

Someone told me yesterday she sees my career blowing up, that I am on the edge of greatness. It is already happening. I see it clearly.

The road that I am on is not limited by a business run out of my home. It is only limited by my belief in myself and my capabilities as an activist, a healer, a businesswoman, and a Rebel.

I am not confined to space or time, I am confined by my belief in myself.

If those beliefs are limitless and I give the how over to God and the divine universe then possibilities and expansion are inevitable.

It is the brain that takes us further away from source and the true power of our center. When we follow our head we are doomed to fail, it will always sabotage us in the end.

It is our heart that is our compass.

Our true north is sheltered beneath our rib cage in the center of our bodies.

It cannot be contained and it is full of all the answers we have ever needed.

Love, joy, capacity for endless feeling.

That is the space that holds the whisper of our calling.

A calling that is true to the individual knowing of who we are.

If I approach my life as if the dream is inevitable I feel so fresh and excited and expansive and loved.

I have done this many times in my life and gotten the love of my life, my PhD on full scholarship, so many magical blessings all because I believed.

I believed in my connection to something bigger than me.

I believed I was deserving of everything I wanted and craved.

I just believed in the core of my knowing that I was worthy and great and loved by God.

If you are ready to change your approach and believe, I would LOVE to chat with you about coaching with me. Get on my schedule and let’s talk today!

I love you.

Rock on,

Dr. Melissa Bird


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