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Hear me out...

You are liquid love.

You are powerful.

Your very existence on this planet is evidence that you have a purpose on this earth.

You have permission to reclaim whatever it is you are trying to claim.

You have permission to remember, collect, create, and connect.

You have permission to pause in time and live in the present moment.

Do not question your fire, it burns within you with purpose on purpose.

Do not question your imperfection, you are woven into the fabric of nature and nature is always imperfect.

Do not question your joy, it is simple and significant in ways only you can imagine.

Fill your heart with faith in the universal abundance of love.

Fill your soul with calm expectancy.

Fill your mind with curiosity, wonder, and imagination.

Say it with me:

“I live my life unapologetically. I release criticism and make love to my perceived failures. I own the changes that my life has presented me with as events that make up the entirety of my life. I create as I go and remember that life is one continuous path with twists and turns. Control is an illusion and that knowledge creates within my life permission to live in this great adventure moment by moment. I am sacred. I am a vessel of change. I make room for my power and dial up the awesome. Blessed be. So mote it be. Amen.”

Sending you love from the trees.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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