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Guest Post-Suicide is Not Painless

Author Christina Valentine Larsen, who is currently writing a book about her parents life during World War II, stopped by today to remind us that for those who are left behind, suicide leaves lasting impressions on our souls.

Suicide is not painless….

Let’s face it; the death of a close friend is difficult enough without him sticking a 357 Magnum in his mouth. I’m madder than hell. And beyond that everyone that knew him is wondering why he didn’t reach out. Well, you know, they rarely do. These old ruggers don’t want this last scrum. They all say, “it’s not fair”, well what is?

This situation is full of shit. He left two daughters (in their 20s) without a father and their mother died twelve years ago. What the fuck?! Time flies when you’re having fun. Bullshit! This brought up 34+ years ago when my first husband put a 357 to the side of his neck and left 2 beautiful daughters and me behind.

I’m just sayin’ there’s nothing about suicide that makes any sense. We can never assume that anyone couldn’t do this because that makes an ass of you and me.

Off to the wake. Take the bull by the horns. Toast your face off. Drink as much as you can to take the pain away. Now you see him, now you don’t.

Men will be men. Ruggers will drink so much they may well end up face down in the pasta.

Tomorrow’s another day.


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