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Christian Witchcraft is not an either/or proposition.

There is a listening, a reckoning within your body. A quickening centered deep within your soul. You can hear it like the rushing river, thrumming in your veins. When the seasons move from one to the next so too is your body compelled to move with them.

This is the magic that flows in your blood.

The magic of earth and cycling and nature.

This is the power that the patriarchy has trained us to move away from.

This is the life force that sustains our soul.

Your calling as both a Christian and a witch is to deepen your intuition and connect with the divine to bring into balance your purpose here on earth. They are not exclusive, rather they are the balance of the masculine and feminine that we are all born with.

For some of us one is more powerful than the other.

For some of us we spend a lifetime denying one piece or another.

Are you a Christian or a witch? We are trained to believe that surely we can’t be both. Once you surrender to the idea that you can be both a flow begins to emerge that is unexpected and thrilling. Surrender equals transformation. Fluidity and flexibility in embracing these identities brings us closer to God, closer to our personal power, and transforms us into powerful change agents. This is your invitation to learn how to embrace all aspects of yourself. What we resist persists. If you continue to resist the entirety of who you are, it will continue to press upon you until you have no choice but to open the door.

This is a time for radical vulnerability and a rewilding of your soul. This is the moment of your reawakening. There is no better time than right at this very moment to bring together your wisdom and grace for transformation and change.

Your internal compass is the voice of the beloved driving you in the direction of your fullest self. Your powerful intuition is the space of creation where everything comes together - the voice of God, the seat of power.

Writing is a form of prayer.

The foundation of writing is spelling.

Spelling is an action of intention and creation.

Praying is the casting the most powerful of spells.

The reason we have been led to believe we can’t hold God and magic in balance is because we become too difficult to contain. Ours is a legacy that goes back thousands of years. Attune yourself to the thrumming of your blood, the rhythm of your soul, the divinity of your magic.

I love you,

Dr. Melissa Bird


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