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All the things that had to fall into place

A little while ago I was talking to my priest (file that under words I never thought I would write).

For real though... I was talking to Simon and I said to him, “Do you have any idea of the series of events that had to happen for us to be talking at this exact moment?”

My ex wife had to decide to leave me 5 hours after I got inseminated. So that I would get my heart ripped out in a thousand pieces leaving me dying on the kitchen floor. Praying to a God that I did not believe in. Asking for someone who loves me for who I am and for my own family.

Ten weeks later, I had to go into my neighborhood bar (Dick and Dixies) on a random night so that I could finish grading papers with my favorite whiskey at hand.

It was there that I would meet my future husband because he played NOFX “Kill all the white men” on the jukebox.

He had 3 kids. I was infertile. We moved in together 2 years later. We got married 2 years after that.❤️

We moved to Oregon 3 years later and my oldest daughter kept begging for us to go to church. So I called my friend Mark because he is an Episcopal Deacon and we had previously talked about Wyoming, God, guns, and motorcycles. And he found us the Church of the Good Samaritan where Phyllis Mix, the nicest human on earth, greeted us at the door. And where every Sunday for 3 months I would weep as I came back home to my body and my soul. And where Wendy told me I was a prophet, and Ruth told me she was a mystic, and Simon told me I could preach. Each one of those things had to fall perfectly into place. And at each step along the way, I could have denied them all.

What are you denying that you are called to? What are you avoiding because you believe that you couldn’t possibly be accepted?

Today I invite you to surrender to the infinite possibilities that are surrounding you, if you would just walk out the door. Sending you love from the trees. Xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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