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A teensy love note from me to you

I love writing little messages to myself that I go back and read months and sometimes years later.

As I was scrolling through my purse books I came upon some amazing affirmations that I would LOVE for you to put on post-it notes and hang on your mirror at home.

Here is a list of love notes from me to you!

I breed abundant wealth!

I aggressively clear away what is no longer serving me!

I give potency to any magical intention.

I am living my life's purpose free from fear.

I am an abundant, bright, attractive ball of light.

I am magic!

I am making space for my future by releasing thoughts that keep me stuck and no longer serve me.

I believe in my purpose to ___________. (Fill in the blank)

When we talk to ourselves from a space of love and admiration it makes way for the juicy good stuff.

Create space for change.

Create space for action.

Create space for revolution.

Rock on,

Dr. Melissa Bird

PS. If you’re ready for full on personal revolution, get on my schedule and let’s make magic together!


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