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A new kind of math you're going to love

I have some new math for you!

Creative mind + Spontaneity = New ideas

I used to think I wasn’t creative, I thought that was my sisters job. She was always the artist, the actress, the writer, the sewer, the musician, the stand up comedian.

I always had my nose in a book and did some counted cross-stitch now and again.

I played the piano, but not as well as her.

I was funny, but not as funny as her.

I was dramatic, but I couldn’t memorize lines like her.

Or so I thought.

And then one day it hit me.


I am creative.

And I have lots to say.

And I am really good on a stage.

And I can cross-stitch like a mother fucker.

I don’t just read things, I write them too.

When my kids need help on the piano I can jump right in!


All through my 20’s and 30’s I had thought I wasn’t good enough to be creative. I was too busy comparing myself to others.

Now that I am in my 40’s spontaneity is my middle name and that is where all my good ideas come from.

Remember the math.

Creative mind (we ALL have one) + Spontaneity (go ahead I double dog dare you) = New ideas (and believe me we really need your ideas!)

Rock on,

Dr. Melissa Bird

PS. I don’t love math, but I would LOVE to help you work out this new equation. Let’s explore new ideas and start working together. Get on my schedule and let’s talk today!


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