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A love letter to my glorious rebels

To my glorious rebels...

Let this righteous fury fuel your resolve to change the way your life is right now.

You can’t control the world but you can control how you move forward in your own way.

Create, innovate, expand...

To my glorious rebels…

You are the company you keep so keep the company that lifts you up.

You have a purpose and you are on a path, keep going.

Discover, disrupt, dismantle…

To my glorious rebels...

Rebel Girl Lori says, “When the good girl takes the lead, burn down the structure that holds you prisoner.”

Rebel Girl Vanessa says, “You have permission to create for yourself.”

Rebel Girl Yahaira says, “Accept your vision, speak out, and be open in front of others.”

To my glorious rebels...

Consider this amazing quote from Mary Houston, “Be willing to let go of the life you had planned in exchange for the life you have waiting for you.”

There are no hard and fast rules to rebellion.

Carry on.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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