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84 Backers

84 people who are committed to women

84 people who are committed to research on women

84 people who believe in the power of storytelling

42 mothers

5 current or former elected officials

3 lobbyists

1 person who has known me since birth

1 person who has known me less than 6 months

6 PhD students

A couple of attorneys

3 professional fundraisers

2 badass coaches

84 people who believe in stories that speak truth to women’s lives.

They believe that the people who hold the power to talk about reproductive health should do so in a way that honors the entirety of women’s lives and sheds light on the rights that are missing.

They believe that this project challenges the normative nature of research and will give rise to a graceful revolution that moves beyond the binary structure of society.

They believe in the story of the modern virgin.

Be a part of this exciting adventure and join this campaign. Be one of my storytellers by investing in this project.

Donate today to join the 84 backers who believe in telling the stories of reproductive life in America.


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