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Top 10 Favorite Musicians

  1. Metallica. Hands down the band that got me through my teenage years. Hands down the band whose every lyric I know by heart. My favorite song is Anesthesia on the Kill ‘Em All album. The transition it makes into Whiplash is one of the greatest musical transitions of all time.

  2. Tool. The second greatest musical transition of all time is from the Parabol album. Parabol into Parabola is sometimes the only thing that gets me through a day. That album came out while I was lobbying the Utah State Legislature for Planned Parenthood. I won’t lie, the song Ticks and Leeches was the theme song of many a legislative session. And I have dedicated those lyrics to more than a few Utah Legislators. I used to be such a nasty woman.

  3. Hole. GAH I LOVE HOLE SO MUCH!!!! Why did they have to get so fucked up on drugs? They were SO GOOD!!!! Listen over and over and over.

  4. Tori Amos. When we got a piano I bought the sheet music for Little Earthquakes. I used to practice when no one was home. Now that everyone is home I stopped playing for embarrassment. Time to get back on the bench.

  5. Dixie Chicks. Rebellion. Sass. The need for body armor when they sing because everyone hates them. Sign me up. Their album Home is my favorite. I can sing to that thing 1000 times over and over.

  6. Bon Jovi. Once upon a time when I was 16ish I got tickets to see Bon Jovi. The person I was supposed to go with couldn’t go so I invited my lifelong friend Margaret even though she was not a fan. My other lifelong friend Kristen was DEVASTATED I didn’t bring her. Flash forward to our mid 30’s and I bought her tickets to sing on stage with Bon Jovi to make it up to her. I didn’t tell her where we were going. I think she nearly died. I am the best friend on earth.

  7. Madonna. Like a Prayer Madonna. Cones on her glorious breasts Madonna. Pissing off the Pope Madonna. I found her Sex book in a used bookstore in Switzerland when I was 19. I bought it even though it was in French because you couldn’t buy it in the United States. It is one of my prized possessions.

  8. Patty Griffith. MMMMMM. I love her. She gets me through my workday pretty regularly. There is something so incredible about her voice. It just makes me visualize my big ass farm where magic happens. Patty Griffith helps me make magic.

  9. Earth, Wind, and Fire. Did you know that vacuuming while listening to September is the best thing on earth? Well it is. My dad calls them Earth, Wind, and Skillet...I have no idea why but I like it. Always listen to Earth, Wind, and Fire. Like once a week. Just do it.

  10. Missy Elliott. Her album Supa Dupa Fly is one of my most favorite things to pop on to put me in a good mood. I really, really love that album. Plus, she says my mom in every song so that is awesome. I just love her. She is fierce and lovely.


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