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The best business advice I can offer

Last week someone asked me how long I had been in business.

Almost 3 years.


Y’all that is just some ridiculousness right there.

While running my business I have:

  • Taught hundreds of workshops in Michigan, Utah, Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, and Washington DC

  • Coached dozens of women through breakups, business ups and downs, career changes, motherhood changes, life changes

  • Spoken at nearly 20 women’s, business, and political conferences

  • Written and published 2 books

  • Built a following

  • Changed my name and my brand in a total revamp

  • Become a preacher

  • Come out as a Christian witch

In the last few years I have learned:

  • If it makes you super uncomfortable do it

  • If you don’t listen you can’t be helpful

  • If it doesn’t turn you on it is not yours so run away

  • Take every single opportunity to talk about yourself and your business to anyone who will listen

  • Your clients will never come from where you think they will

  • Big dreams are good, take little steps in their direction every day

  • Trust and surrender, God knows more than you do

My advice is:

  • Do one thing every day that scares you

  • Don’t listen to people when they tell you that there is no way in hell you will pull it off

  • Network your face off every single week

  • If it scares the shit out of it!

If you are ready to change your approach and kick some serious ass, I would LOVE to chat with you about working with me. Get on my schedule and let’s talk today!

I love you,

Dr. Melissa Bird


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