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Nasty bugger that fear

I have talked to a lot of clients since starting my coaching business 2 years ago and every single one of them has one thing in common.


It is a nasty bugger that fear.

It holds on like an untreated disease, never fully letting us see the light of our full potential.

Fear can present itself in the following ways:

“I am not great at advocating for myself in my business.”

“I am not comfortable talking about myself with others.”

“I have too many blind spots and I just can’t relax like I want to.”

“I try and control the outcome and nothing ever works out the way I expect.”

“I don’t really need anybody else in my life.”

There is a way out of the fear but you can’t ignore it or it just gets worse.

The way out is to embrace the gifts you are born with.

The way out is to live your true calling with purpose.

The way out is to embody your dreams as if you have no other choice.

BE who you were BORN to be.

WHO you were BORN to be is love.

Rock on,

Dr. Melissa Bird

PS. If you are ready to tell that fear to SHOVE IT and engage in regular acts of Graceful Revolution, get on my schedule!


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