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Monday Mayhem – Your clarion call to serve the world

When I sent this video of my speech from 2/10/19 to a friend of mine this was her response…

Ok. Holy shit. Just watched. A. That was fucking brilliant B. You have an unparalleled gift with speaking, but in my opinion, it’s been hidden. If you own the essence of you and what you teach the floodgates will open. C. Your speech says to me that somehow we got lost along the was from childhood to becoming who we are for now (for whatever reason) and we can call our true selves right back in an instant.

Y’all…I just started sobbing.

This speech is a clarion call to all of us to reconnect to our precious hearts and then take that connection to serve the world.

This work that I do is not only for those seeking social justice, it’s for all of us wanting to plant our energetic flags, take stance, and become the leaders of our own lives.

I hope you enjoy watching this speech as much as I enjoyed giving it. I would love to hear from you after you listen to it. Pop on in to my Facebook page and let me know what you think!

I can’t wait to hear from you! It’s Monday, cause some mayhem, raise some hell! Xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird

Dr. Melissa Bird’s Fanning the Flames workshop is a call to action for anyone who wants to change the world. Missy is overflowing with passion, knowledge, and experience and she will invite you to find a corner of the world you’re passionate about changing. Then she’ll give you the tools to make it happen. If you have a chance to attend one of Missy’s events, you will leave fired up and ready to hit the ground running.

-Becky Drinnen, Adoptee Rights Advocate


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