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Monday Mayhem – Tell Women Nice Things

Last week I had 2 different people say nice things to me within the span of 30 minutes. One friend texted me to say, “so fucking proud of you”. The other friend texted that I was his, “friend warrior queen”.

The joy I felt in that moment was so GIANT in my heart that it carried me the rest of the day.

I started thinking…are we so wrapped up in telling women that they are wrong that we forget to tell women that they are valued? Clearly the answer is yes.

Today I offer you 5 different ways you can rise some hell by raising another woman up:

  1. Text or call or post on the FB wall of a friend you admire. Tell her why you admire her in one or two sentences.

  2. Send a message to a friend telling her about a project you have been working on that has you so lit up you can hardly stand yourself. Ask her if anything in her life is lighting her up too!

  3. Inspire, listen, love. Don’t wait for a crisis to tell another woman you admire that you see them.

  4. When a friend of yours challenges your words, don’t get defensive. Sit in the power of your opinion and theirs and give your relationship love. See what unfolds in the in between.

  5. Bless the women in your world with courage, wisdom, and grace.


Resist the patriarchy. Insist on holding space for all women’s voices. Persist in the revolution. 

Start some mayhem, raise some hell! Dr. Melissa Bird

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